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Serra Verde was founded in 2008 and is primarily funded by Denham Capital, a U.S.-based investment fund.

The project is located in Minaçu County, Goiás State, Brazil, targets the production of a high quality Rare Earths concentrate, to support the international market growth.


Mineração Serra Verde



To build a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible operations of Rare Earths concentrate products.


Be a strategic player to global Rare Earths supply chain, recognized as a reliable and competitive producer.


Safety and well-being of our people, empowerment and mutual respect, integrity and transparency in our operations, economic performance of our processes and socio-environmental responsibility in our strategic decisions.


In update...


The company aims to build and operate a low-cost world class source of critical Rare Earths.
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In 2010, an aerogeophysical survey was carried out, resulting on the generation Magnetometric (Analytical Signal, Total Field) and Gamma-spectrometric (Total Count and Channels of K, Th and U) maps, totaling 4,223 km of survey lines, covering a 778 km2.

In the sequence of the exploration activities, Rare Earths’ exploration areas have been claimed, later divided into the following targets: Nova Esperança, Ema, Centro Norte, Montividiu and Ribeirão Grande. Detailed work were initiated by Alvo Nova Esperança, sampling stream sediments, PAN concentrates, soil and rock, followed by terrestrial geophysics. In the second half of 2011, the first survey campaign started at the New Hope Grid (Grid Nova Esperança) and was finalized at the beginning of 2012. A further diamond drilling campaign was started, all drill holes with HQ diameter.




The SVPM areas consist of 75 mineral rights, covering an area of 70,363 hectares, comprising 5 municipalities in the northern portion of the state of Goiás (GO) and two counties in the southern state of Tocantins (TO): Minaçu-GO, Trombas-GO, Montividiu do Norte-GO, Palmeirópolis-TO and Jaú do Tocantins-TO.




Rare Earths occur associated in saprolites of Serra Dourada granite, which is the largest intrusion of the Goiás Tin Province. It occupies the axial zone of a Brachianticlinal bound by rocks of the Serra da Mesa Group and has an area of approximately 450 km2 (Marini et al. ., 1976). The intrusion is elongated and oriented according to regional structures, is approximately 64 km long in the NS direction and varies between 3.5 and 12 km wide (mean 7.5 km) in the EW direction.

The type of deposit found in the Pela Ema is that of Rare Earths adsorbed on clays, very similar to what is found in lateritic granite coasts of southeastern China. The enrichment of Rare Earths occurs during the laterization process of these granites, which results in the generation of exchangeable ions of REE, besides a residual source of REE minerals contained in the colluvium and saprolite. This type of deposit is known as "Rare Earths Deposit in Elution Crusts" (Chi and Tian, 2008) and is also referred as a Rare Earths deposit of the ion-adsorbed type.





In September 2016, Serra Verde Pesquisa e Mineração (SVPM) carried out metallurgical tests over two months at pilot scale to validate the agitated leaching and continuous filtration through pressure filters processes (ALF).

A total of 105 bench tests were performed, establishing the guidelines for the operation of the pilot plant. The pilot plant performed twelve (12) tests in sequence. At the end of the program, the operability of the ALF process was confirmed and a scoping study was completed in December 2016.

A second phase of the metallurgical testing program started in February 2017. Serra Verde Exploration and Mining planned a full process piloting operation for three months, from April 2017 to July 2017, in order to confirm and optimize the scoping study presented in December 2016.

The full pilot scale process consisted of the following steps: ore drying and homogenization, screening, continuous agitated leaching followed by filter press filtration, Rare Earths precipitation as Rare Earths mixed carbonate, carbonate filter filtration and recirculation of the processing solution.

Between May 15, 2017 and July 14, 2017, operating 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, a total of eleven (11) continuous piloting campaigns were performed using the ore mixture of three mine zones, processing tons of tons of ore into Rare Earths concentrate.

Chemical analyzes were performed by the SVPM laboratory team of mass and operational control. The test results provided data for engineering studies, CAPEX, OPEX and capital expenditure and variable costs assessments.




Serra Verde is currently developing the basic engineering of the Serra Verde project.

The company hired to carry out this stage of the project is TETRA TECH, a multinational company specialized in the development and implementation of mining projects.

The project under development has the following features:

• Open pit, with no need to dismantle for ore extraction;
• Process route with equipment conventionally used in the mining industry;
• Plant designed for modular expansion allowing expansion with no significant production impact.

The next step will focus on the elaboration of the detailed engineering and start construction.

SVPM aims to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2021.



Process Manager

Civil and Mining Engineer. Six years of experience in mining sector. Responsible for design, operation, monitoring and interpretation of metallurgical test work. Responsible for design and evaluate material balances, engineering and process flow diagrams. Also in charge of Risk Management.




Project Manager

Electrical Engineer with Professional sequence in Project Management. Former Project Manager in charge of projects implementation of Gold Plant. Former Coordinator in engineering companies. Over 15 years experience in projects development and implementation, planning, construction, commissioning and Start-UP.




Operations Manager

Geologist, more than 20 years of experience in data interpretation, planning and quality control for exploration projects (Mn, Fe, REE, base metals) and mines. Worked in miming companies. Licensing Processes Leader.


Minaçu, a Brazilian county located in the north of the State of Goiás, approximately 504 km from the capital Goiânia.
Mapa de Goiás

Population estimated in 2017: 30,696
Population in the last census 2010: 31,154
Demographic density 2010: 10.89 inhab/km²

GDP per capita 2015: R$ 50,040.51
Percentage of revenues from external sources: 79.9%
Human Development Index (HDI) 2010: 0.707
Total 2008 revenues: R$ 46,675 x1000
Total expenses incurred 2008: R$ 46,673 x1000

Work and Income
Average monthly salary of formal workers: 2.9 national minimum wages.
Employed inhabitants 2015: 4,674 people
Employed population 2015: 15.1%

Source: IBGE




Principles and Values

1. Truth
2. Honesty
3. Transparency
4. Fraternity
5. Respect
6. Social Responsibility
7. Excellence
8. Commitment
9. Legitimacy
10. Equity

How to put together a curriculum

montar cv

Saiba como montar um bom currículo

O currículo é a primeira impressão que a Serra Verde terá dos profissionais que pleitearem uma vaga na organização. Por isso é preciso ter todo o cuidado e dedicação para montar o seu. Evitar problemas como erros de português e informações em excesso são importantes para que o seu currículo seja considerado atrativo para a área de Recursos Humanos.

Confira as dicas de Cíntia Ferreira, Coordenadora de RH da Serra Verde, para que o seu currículo seja assertivo.

1 – Formatação

Seu currículo deve conter um bom texto, com as informações bem organizadas e objetivas. O ideal, segundo Cíntia, é que as margens usadas sejam amplas, a fonte do texto limpa e que o negrito e itálico sejam usados de maneira seletiva.

2 – Informações Pessoais

Seu nome no início do currículo, coloque dados pessoais de endereço, telefone, e-mail, idade, naturalidade e estado civil sempre atualizados para que o recrutador tenha acesso rápido a eles. Não é necessário incluir números de documentos pois, eles serão solicitados caso o candidato seja aprovado. A foto é opcional, mas se desejar colocar, lembre-se: Foto no tamanho 3x4, com postura séria, esqueça as fotos de redes sociais.

3 – Informações de escolaridade

É muito importante conter no currículo as informações da sua escolaridade, são consideradas como escolaridade os ensinos: fundamental, médio, técnico, graduação e especializações. Lembre-se de citar o nome do curso, ano de conclusão e por qual instituição tem o título.

4 – Experiências profissionais

É imprescindível um currículo conter as 3 (três) últimas experiências profissionais, começando pela atual ou o último emprego. É necessário colocar o nome da empresa, cargo, data de admissão e demissão e uma descrição sumária das atividades realizadas.

Caso você esteja se candidatando ao seu primeiro emprego, coloque esta informação.

5 – Cursos de aperfeiçoamento

Cite apenas os cursos mais significativos que você já realizou e que tenha ligação com a vaga na qual você está se candidatando.

6 – Seja sincero

Não minta em seu currículo, independentemente do assunto. Essa é uma atitude antiética e que normalmente acaba sendo descoberta pela área de Recursos Humanos e, se descoberta, irá impactar diretamente em sua credibilidade.

7 – Faça uma revisão antes de enviar

É importante revisar o currículo antes de enviar, peça para um amigo ou parente de confiança, isso amenizará erros de português e digitação.

8 – Forma de envio

A grande maioria das empresas preferem o envio do currículo por e-mail ou cadastrado no site, esse é o caso da Serra Verde, nos envie o seu desta forma.

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Rare Earths

REEs have widespread industrial uses; however, the most valuable REEs are those tied to magnet technologies used in electric vehicles, wind turbines and electronics (Nd, Pr, Dy, Tb). REEs have a number of uses in electric vehicles and wind turbines and the forecasted increase in electrification is expected to translate into higher demand (see Figure 3.6-3.8).

REEs are also used extensively in electronics, including smartphones and tablets (see Figure 3.9). There are 17 REEs in the periodic table, of which 16 are used in smartphones.3 Specifically, neodymium, terbium and dysprosium, give smartphones the power to vibrate. Terbium and dysprosium are also used in in touchscreens to produce the colors of a phone display.


Dayse Guelman 

Mineração Serra Verde 
Av. do Comércio, 25, Ed. Concept Office, 13º andar.
Goiânia, GO, 74815-465 
T: +55 62 3923 9100
Email: institucional@svpm.com.br

Em breve.

Check out the news published in the newspaper O Hoje

Check out the news published in the newspaper Estadão

New Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Goiânia, February/2019.

DAYSE GUELMAN: new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

DAYSE CHRISTINA GUELMAN is appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) off Serra Verde.    


I am very glad to announce an important reinforcement to our Serra Verde´s leadership team. On February 4th, 2019 DAYSE CHRISTINA GUELMAN will join our company as our new CFO.

DAYSE GUELMAN is graduated in Business Administration and Economic Sciences, has a specialization in Business Management from Dom Cabral Foundation and is also certified in Leadership by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Throughout her 28 year of financial experience, she worked in renowned mining companies in Brazil as well as in other segments. Dayse participated in the structuring and restructuring of financial processes, attracting resources and establishing interfaces with investors.

Dayse will be joining Serra Verde at a very special moment, as we're moving forward to implement our ALF project in Minaçu.

I wish Dayse all success in her new activities.




Clarification to the Public

SVPM meets with the Community of Minaçu

Serra Verde meets with the Community of Minaçu

From October 22nd to October 24th 2018, upon an invitation coming from the local authorities, Serra Verde, at the moment being represented by its Executive Vice President, Luciano Borges, accompanied by the Geology Supervisor and local official, José Júnior, HSE Coordinator, Tiago Mauriz, Human Resources Coordinator, Cíntia Ferreira and the legal support provider, Rodrigo Costa, was in the city of Minaçu to join in meetings with the Community, and to inform the status of the ALF´s Project.

On the 22nd , representatives of Serra Verde took part in the session at the City Council, which was broadcast live by a  local radio station. On the 23rd, they met with Communities from  Cana Brava (Filó) and  Patrimônio do Vicente Districts  and on the 24th  they gave a briefing for local radio stations.


Serra Verde

Mineração Serra Verde names Eric Noyrez as Chief Executive Officer





For Immediate Release





Industry veteran and board of director member will lead

Brazilian rare earth project into next phase


Goias State, Brazil -- [5 September, 2018] -- Mineração Serra Verde (MSV), an advanced development stage rare earth project in central Brazil, announced that it has appointed Eric Noyrez to Chief Executive Officer.


Leading Project Milestones

Previously a member of the MSV Board of Directors, Noyrez was instrumental in many of the project’s recent milestones including achieving industrially representative piloting and product acceptance.


“Since joining the team in 2017, my focus has been to deliver the project on time and within budget, while also ensuring we’re producing a strongly sustainable new source of competitive rare earths,” said Noyrez, who previously served in several executive roles at Lynas Corporation Limited. “We’ve achieved our goals to-date but must continue strengthening our team as well as find partners who can help us take the Serra Verde project to the next phase. I’m very excited about what is to come and am looking forward to my new role with MSV.”


Noyrez previously was also tasked with moving the project further toward implementation and oversaw a four-month long evaluation process to select an engineering firm. Currently, he is working to recruit an experienced industrial project development and operations team to continue the project’s progress, in addition to selecting equipment suppliers.


“Construction will start in early-2019, so right now we working to get the right partners in place and have already issued an RFP for suppliers. We are serious about this next phase and, thanks to the continued support of our capital partner Denham Capital, confident the project will soon be brought into production,” added Noyrez.



The Serra Verde Deposit

Located in the State of Goias, an established mining region, Serra Verde hosts an NI 43-101-compliant resource of 911 million tonnes @ 0.12 percent TREO (based on an exploration area representing approximately 15 percent of the overall Serra Verde deposit area), with high-value critical and heavy rare earths representing more than 60 percent of the resource. 


Serra Verde’s ionic clay mineralogy is analogous to the mineralogy currently detained by market-dominating southern China producers, but with rare earth grades three times higher than the average of those deposits, and ore volume 10 times larger. The Serra Verde deposit also benefits from access to roads, water and power within 40 kilometers of the site, plus community support.


The region’s high-value rare earth mix is consistent with projected demand growth from next-generation applications ranging from clean energy and hybrid vehicles to high-performance consumer electronics, industrial and military applications.  


In 2017, samples tested were approved as market compliant at all major Rare Earth separators, receiving positive feedback from industry leaders. The project is currently preparing for the engineering phase and is expected to start commercial operations in 2020.


About Serra Verde

Mineração Serra Verde is an advanced development stage rare earth project located near Brasilia, in the State of Goias, a mining friendly jurisdiction. The size of the resource and the project’s ionic clay geology and freely liberated mineralization is similar in geology to the well-known heavy rare earth Chinese deposits.  The weathered rock, saprolite ore allows for open pit, truck-and-shovel extraction -- providing for cheaper, simpler processing and lower capex versus peers.  Further, a large portion of the deposit is comprised of heavy and critical rare earths, which have a higher value as compared to light rare earths, giving the project the potential to challenge China's dominance of the heavy and critical rare earth market.


About Denham Capital

Denham Capital is a leading energy and resources-focused global private equity firm with more than $9 billion of invested and committed capital across nine fund vehicles and offices in Perth, Houston, London and Boston. In the Mining sector, the firm partners with experienced management teams with proven track records to acquire companies and assets in the metals and minerals sectors that are close to or already in production. Denham targets investments in base metals, metallurgical coal, and industrial and specialty minerals in Australia, Canada, South America and Africa. In addition to Mining Ventures Brasil, Denham’s mining portfolio includes Auctus Minerals, a Perth-based company developing mining assets throughout Australia; Pangea Limited, an African-based company targeting mining assets across all stages of the project life cycle;  Pembroke Resources, a team focused on acquiring and developing metallurgical coal assets in the Asia-Pacific region; Santiago Metals, a Chilean mining venture; and Stellar Mining, a mining and exploration company in Peru. For more information about Denham Capital, visit www.denhamcapital.com.


Media Contact:

Krystal Patout

Phone: +1 713 627-2223

Email:   kpatout@piercom.com  



#  #  #


New team takes over SVPM – 2018

New team takes over SVPM.

Serra Verde Pesquisa e Mineração Ltda., The most successful enterprise of Mining Ventures Brasil, a project controlled by Denham Capital, began the first steps for the development and construction of its Rare Earth project in ionic clays, the first deposit of this project type discovered in the Americas.

The new team is led by engineer Eric Noyrez, former CEO of Lynas and former director of Rare Earths of Rhodia. As the new CEO of Serra Verde, Eric is responsible for the business strategy as well as general management of the company. The new COO, the engineer José Carlos Guedes Rosado, an experienced Brazilian professional, was responsible for the construction of the second phase of Lynas project in Australia and of several Rhodia projects in several countries, including China. The commercial area was reinforced with the arrival of Michael Zhu (CCO-Commercial Director), former general manager of Rhodia in China and honorary member of the National Association of Rare Earths of China, which coordinates the country's Rare Earth policy. Former CEO Luciano Borges took on the executive vice-presidency, responding to institutional relations, as well as administrative oversight and environmental and mineral licensing processes.

Date: 07/05/2018

Source: Brasil Mineral

Public Hearing - 2017

SV discuss the project

Minaçu: Mining Company prepares to install Rare Earth extraction and treatment plant and holds a public hearing showing the potential of the enterprise.

The community packed the evangelical temple during the Public Hearing of the Serra Verde Mining Company in Minaçu.

According to the organizers, approximately 5,000 people participated on Thursday 27th  in a Public Hearing held in Minaçu about the Environmental Licensing of the Rare Earth Extraction and Improvement Project of the Serra Verde Mining Company in the Region of Pela Ema.


President and CEO Luciano de Freitas: Exhibition on potentialities.


According to the president and CEO of the mining company, Luciano de Freitas Borges, the Serra Verde Project is in an advanced stage of development, awaiting completion of the environmental licensing processes to follow up on the necessary activities for the implementation, from the acquisition of the eventual Deployment License, which corresponds to the second phase of the environmental licensing process, and which authorizes the construction of the project.


Date: 05/01/2017


Text and photos: Pedro Gomes

Source: Jornal Diário do Norte

Business environment gets more favorable – 2018

Business environment gets more favorable

The federal government, with the edition of decrees, beyond change in distribution of Financial Compensation for the Exploration of Mineral Resources (CFEM), brought new standards as a determination to close mines after exploration. The standards were well evaluated by the market because they are close to those practiced internationally and by leaving the environment more favorable to the business.

For Luciano de Freitas Borges, the executive vice president of Serra Verde (with the Rare Earth project in Minaçu), there are improvements in parameters and rules that are easy to apply and will help the sector.

Date: 06/13/2018

Text: Katherine Alexandria

Source: O Popular

Photos: Floriano Rios


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